Well-being also passes from the mind! And what better to benefit your psycho-physical balance if not travelling? The Cities Collection is dedicated to our desire to know the world, to open ourselves to new cultures and to discover new destinations. Each city or place is synthesized in the colour or decoration chosen for each line: from the circular detail of the Tokyo table service, almost a tribute to a culture that has made the circle, symbol of infinity, a real lifestyle; to the blood-red colour of the Paris chalices, city emblem of love; and again to the shades of the ocean of the Atlantic Line. Find out all of them!


Are you imagining yourself on the open sea sailing on beautiful waters in some of the world’s most amazing paradise islands?

Perfect! Then you are in the right place. The boundless Atlantic Ocean with its endless shades of blue is the place of peace for mind and heart. You can touch land in one of the many overseas destinations: the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Guadeloupe, the Azores. Once a stage of mysterious sailing ships on the go, then became an open space for the crossing of the most famous transatlantic, often celebrated in American filmography: the Lusitania, Mauritania, the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, just to name a few. Not to forget the island of Sant'Elena where Napoleon Bonaparte spent six years of his exile: a remote and suggestive place in the Southern Atlantic. All destinations perfect to enjoy a relaxing sailing boat cruise, making dives snorkelling or just enjoying the sun, as you move from one beach to another.
The amazing colours of this immense continental sea are inspired by the Atlantic Line which, among vases, cats and lucky penguins, wants to pay homage to this heavenly corner of the world.


Are you ready to take a far journey that will make you feel closer to yourself than ever?

This is the destination for you! Indonesian destination with a unique charm, Bali is a small tropical island south of the equator. In addition to the sea, Bali is rich in forests, paddy fields and active volcanoes that will immediately put you in contact with the wildest and most unspoilt nature. Known as the Island of the Gods, this city is the perfect place for an ideal holiday, with sea, sun and space for physical and mental relaxation. Not only nature but also tradition and culture that make it an authentic place to find yourself. The Butterfly Park, the Monkey Forest and the many Hindu temples increase your fascination, and they will catapult you into a dimension that is a distant reality will allow you to feel really close to the truest and most sincere part of yourself.

To the endless beaches of this corner of paradise and the colour of its crystal clear waters are dedicated our Bali Line that between vases, table centre and cute lucky kittens want to pay homage to the uniqueness of this destination, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.


Ready to visit the enchanted city, be surprised by the contrast between past and future, tradition and innovation, and climb the highest Ferris wheel in the world with its 260 meters?

Sail away: this is Dubai! Often nicknamed the New York of the East, Dubai is a super modern city, cosmopolitan character, capital of one of the seven emirates of the Arabian Peninsula. Coastal plains covered by salt, give way to sand dunes that alternate with a reddish desert. But not only nature; here you will discover the taller skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa, you will see the artificial island Palm Jumeirah and The World, an artificial archipelago designed to remember the various continents. However, it’s not all futuristic here; you can discover the exotic history of Dubai, where you’ll find the gold and spice market, with a picturesque trip to a traditional taxi that will take you through Dubai Creek and take you to the ancient fortress of Al-Fahidi.

Our Dubai Line is dedicated to its exotic style typical of the Old Town, a table service that with its arabesque decoration brings to the table all the charm of the East, without sacrificing the touch of glamour given by the modern forms of this unique mise en place.


You really need a nice weekend to get away from the daily grind, but you don’t know where to go?

Be captivated by the fantastic Dublin, a city that offers so much: castles, museums, city parks are just the beginning of a city that, without so much noise, is able to kidnap with its identity a bit 'dark and introverted, but generous attractions between culture and nature. When life looks as dark as midnight, a pint of beer will solve all the problems, said the Irish writer Flann o'Brien. Try to forget the problems with a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, a symbol destination for beer lovers and beyond. The days will pass quickly with a nice ride through the ancient, exciting and fascinating, two most famous cathedrals, St Patrick’s Cathedral and the beautiful Lady Chapel. The two jugs of the Dublin Line are inspired by them, the symbol couple of the city’s architecture, who with their transparency want to give this city its authentic and sincere power.


Do you want to immerse yourself in the most true and uncontaminated nature?

Also known as the Colombo Archipelago, the 13 volcanic islands of the Galapagos are immersed in the picturesque scenery of the Pacific Ocean. From Santa Cruz to Puerto Ayora, from Isla San Cristobal to Isla Isabela and Isla Santa Maria, you’ll have cruises to do to discover the archipelago. Or you can opt for walking tours and day trips that will introduce you to the wildest nature. Sea lions, turtles, iguanas and countless species of birds including flamingos, albatrosses, finches and birds of prey, such as the Galapagos falcon will become your travelling companions. And again, volcanoes, islets, green hills covered with woods, freshwater lagoons and mangrove extensions that end up on beautiful beaches will be, instead, the stage of a daydream.
The wild flora of this corner of paradise is dedicated to our table service of the Galapagos Line that with its decoration, wants to bring back memories of a journey of the heart, or the promise to do it sooner or later, rebuilding at home as at the table a space dedicated to nature.


Ready to catapult yourself into the metropolis par excellence?

Suffice it to say, changing the guard, that the message Save the Queen looms before us. This is London, a royal and monumental city, majestic in its architectural forms, a unique mix of history and future, thanks to its ability to interpret tradition with a modern sign. This cosmopolitan capital, famous all over the world, boasts an unmistakable skyline, a fascinating attraction for anyone who wants to discover the English city par excellence.

Whether walking, on the bus or cruising on the Thames, the city deserves to be visited from every point of view for its places of great beauty and historical value: museums, historic buildings, the Green Park, and the many neighbourhoods from trendy to less known. Hampstead, Greenwich, Barnes, Highgate, Wimbledon and Richmond are full of beautiful mansions, boutiques and restaurants, but don’t forget to visit even the most alternative areas such as Brixton and Dalston, characterized by a truly stimulating culture. This fascinating destination for a nice weekend, or stage of a net change of life is dedicated to the London Line of glasses, which pay homage to the transparency and authenticity of a city that promises to live a great dream.


Fancy a party, night and meetings? If your mantra is "all the best happens after sunset", it’s time to pack up and leave: direction Barajas.

If you say movida, you say Madrid, the city that never sleeps. Fiesta, tapas, churros, the famous paella, but still the national sport of the Madrileni, andar de copas, that is to wander around bars and bars, and to the sound of music, to drink some good drinks. But it’s not just a capital made of bars, chatter and small hours; there is a city that brings together all art lovers who here find three major museums, Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssencultural walks to alternate with days around in the district of Chueca. True icons, the Bernabeu Stadium and the great Retiro Park, two of the unmissable tours on a weekend in Madrid; as well as essential shopping in the colourful Rastro market. The Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, the Puerta del Sol, although its beating heart remains the Plaza Mayor, where you can experience a city teeming with life. To this city encantadora, which has made its contradictions a way of life is dedicated our line of glasses Madrid that with their tone-on-tone decoration with sinusoidal forms wants to remember the dense the intertwining of traditions, cultures and passions that animate one of the most lively cities in Europe.


Want to leave at the last moment, just for an unusual weekend? No need to go far!

When you sing "O mia bela Madunina", you are already there: welcome to Milan! The city of the high spires of the Duomo, of fashion weeks, of aperitifs, is able to welcome you. But this city is not only a fast-paced city and a lot of urban frenzies; its many districts offer unusual quiet walks, to be lived by bike, or within the many green areas that, unexpectedly for a rich and industrialized area, They surprise you at every turn. Milan is a bit the New York of Italy, with its American dream; many, more than for a weekend prefer it as a city for a real change of life, thanks to its ability to make you feel at the centre of the world, in a place-not place full of opportunities. From exhibitions to fashion shows, from shopping to museums, this is the only metropolitan and cosmopolitan city of the Bel Paese, with its endless possibilities.
And it is precisely these infinite possibilities that have inspired the design of the Milano table set that, with its decoration made of countless dashes that are repeated, wants to reproduce metaphorically, not only its ray plan, but even more the frenetic pace of a city always on the move.

New York

Just say, I love New York!

The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Central Park: in front of us is a rich imaginary that takes us back to the heart of one of the most famous cities in the world, New York. Also called The Big Apple, this city with its incomparable charm is the undisputed seat of a film culture that, since childhood has brought us to know it, more than we often know places far closer to us. From Time Square, which at Christmas bursts with colours, to the Rockefeller Center, a shining nest of hundreds of thousands of lights; from Ground Zero to Wall Street, to the many American neighbourhoods, stage of the most important television series, such as Queens, the Bronx, Soho, Upper East Side, Harlem, Park Avenue, Chinatown, just for just to name a few. To one of the least known curiosities of America, and in particular of New York, we have been inspired by the stylized flower-shaped decoration of the New York plate service; these are the hemerocallis, the super-lilies, that Americans have been fond of creating, combining several flower crossings; perhaps an attempt to escape with this overwhelming passion of green thumb, from the din of the metropolis.


Escape from the city for a romantic weekend? Only six letters, one word: Paris.

Stainless dream holiday city, Paris, it seems, well embody the saying: "Paris is well worth a mass". There is no other city in the world that has the charm of Paris, par excellence the city of lovers. The Eiffel Tower, the "Iron Lady" with its 324 meters, the Champs Élysées, the famous Arc de Triomphe, inspired by the Arch of Titus of Rome, and wanted by Napoleon to celebrate his many victories in battle. But also the Louvre Museum and the Musée d'Orsay, or a walk in the city centre at the Pompidou, familiarly called Beaubourg; or maybe a trip out of town to the Palace of Versailles, make Paris the ideal place for a weekend of culture. An unmissable tour on the batobus floating through the Seine and enjoying the view of all the buildings symbol of this city, can act as a prelude to a more eventful evening in the area of the Moulin Rouge or among the bars of Montmartre. To this dreamy and luminous city, and to its most famous cliché that makes it the city of love, is dedicated our Paris Line of Chalices that with their fiery red colour want to pay homage to all loves, from those living, or often tacit, to those forgotten or just imagined.


If souls, manga, video games, tall skyscrapers, ancient temples, artificial islands and giant statues of Godzilla, are all you want, Tokyo is the destination of your next trip.

How did a small fishing village called Edo ( ), become what it is today: Tokyo, the capital of the East?! An amazing city, an immense metropolis, vibrant and full of stimuli that welcomes you and engulfs you in its endless contrasts, between old and new, tradition and modernity. From Shinjuku, rich in skyscrapers, to Shibuya one of the most famous shopping areas, or even Asakusa, one of the oldest and most characteristic areas, Tokyo has a thousand facets. In a trip to this part of the world, you can not miss a visit to the famous Senso-ji Temple, the street of the shops Nakamise-dori and a trip to Ginza, the luxury and high fashion district, with its many starred restaurants that have made Tokyo the capital of gourmet cuisine. It is its best-known symbol, the circle of infinity, ready to pay homage to an Oriental culture and philosophy dedicated to meditation and contemplation, made of mysticism and rituality, to have inspired the Tokio Line, a table service with a unique and refined decoration, made of concentric centres that reproduce like an endless spiral.


Do you want a combination of music, art, history and a relaxing moment at the spa? There you go: this is Vienna!

It is not easy to describe Vienna in words; it is more a feeling that brings together historical honour and playful lightness. An imperial city, home of psychoanalysis, this city offers to its visitors museum complexes, historical palaces, flower gardens and the Danube Island; a capital that makes you enjoy moments of culture, leisure and relaxation.

Considered one of the most livable cities in the world, Vienna has been able to combine imperial splendour and beauty of the Art Nouveau style, with a trendy, modern, innovative aura; a city that proudly preserves baroque churches and aristocratic residences, modernist palaces and buildings. And yet, the elegance of the cafes, its more than 100 city museums, the nineteenth-century gardens, the many museums of contemporary art, the typical breweries, the culinary flair of the new fashionable restaurants, and the unmissable Naschmarkt, the market of flavours, the meeting point of the many Central European tastes.

To one of the undisputed symbols of this fantastic European capital, the Austrian Baths we were inspired by the tone-on-tone decoration with satin effect of the Vienna Chalices; almost a sort of water vapour that in a dreamy way brings us back to the algid, dreamy and musical, as well as refined Vienna.