Cromo Therapy

Let’s discover together the specific power of each colour and its benefits, and also the six chromotherapy collections signed Villa Altachiara, from white to black, through the primary colours red, yellow and blue, up to green: six single-colour collections to choose the matching objects for every room of the house, from the table to the home and living, leveraging the benefits of the now widespread Psycho-design that helps us to choose the colours that most marry with our personality to colour and decorate our spaces, with the awareness of how important they can be for our psycho-physical well-being.


Red is the colour paired with Mars, the god of war, the color of joy and passion, able to recharge, improve attention and memory and intensify emotions. It is the colour of the heart and love, of dynamism and vitality, of passion and sexuality, of authority and pride. Red is the colour of life and warmth, of the sense of strength and security. The choice to turn to red indicates activation in the direction of conquest, a desire for expansion, expressing self-confidence. It increases heartbeats, respiratory rate and blood pressure, improving blood circulation and stimulating the nervous and glandular system, liver and sensitive nerves, and stimulating the release of adrenaline. Of course, it is better to opt for a nice pale red, pink, in the bedroom of an adult couple, for the positive effect on desire. But not only that: red can also be perfect in the kitchen and in the dining room, thanks to its power to stimulate the appetite. Red seems to be good for depression, asthma, coughing. Better to avoid it in the children’s room, or simply insert a nice red curtain, or a red vase, inside their room, not to accentuate their already innate energy. Discover the Red Passion Collection by Villa Altachiara, let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic power of red and enjoy combining it with the Pop Art Collection.


Yellow is the colour that stimulates self-esteem. It is the colour that reminds more of the sun and therefore an expansion movement. Yellow is a search for the new, for change, for liberation from the patterns. Synonymous with vivacity, extroversion, lightness, growth and change, yellow is a warm colour, radiant and bright, able to suggest expansion and movement, freedom, autonomy and search for the new. It is a warm, reassuring and cheerful tone, closely linked to personal power and self-confidence, able to express feelings of loyalty, practical sense and is conducive to intellectual work, fostering concentration. If yellow turns to orange, it transforms into the colour of joy and encourages communication. However, it is better not to exaggerate, because too intense shades can generate the opposite effect, creating nervousness. It can be useful for those who practice sports: it increases the neuro-muscular tone, the readiness of reflexes, improves digestion, carries out a purifying activity on the intestine and allows to reduce abdominal swelling. Also, in this case, you can easily mediate between the desire for yellow and exaggerations, limiting yourself to focus on a large picture, flowers and orange-yellow ornaments in the entrance of the house, in the living room or in the dining room to transmit warmth and hospitality. Discover the Yellow Energy Collection by Villa Altachiara, let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic power of yellow and enjoy combining it with the Pop Art Collection.


Blue is the colour that, par excellence, can fight stress. It has been shown several times that blue decreases blood pressure and heart and respiratory rhythm, and therefore suitable for combating anxiety and insomnia. Blue is the colour of silence, calm and tranquillity, contemplation and spirituality; it is associated with the geometric figure of the circle, a symbol of the eternal motion of the spirit, together with stillness and dynamism. It represents intellect, truth, fidelity, constancy. It is the colour of space capable of inducing introspection, sensitivity, calm and serenity. Able to give inner peace, quiet, harmony and the simple simplicity of elegance, is a colour very suitable for creative, with power to relax and encourage socialization. A wall painted in turquoise is also perfect in the children’s bedroom and in the living room. Also, in this case, it is better to limit its use in those who have a tendency to fall, because of its calming effect. It reduces blood pressure, the rhythm of the heart and breathing, and is therefore extremely suitable for reducing agitation. In these cases, it is better the blue, the colour of the sky, because dampen the darkest and melancholic shades. And even in this case, just a few touches will be enough to relieve stress and recharge with positive elements: a blue quilt helps to improve sleep, but also a carpet or a sofa encourage relaxation or even the centre of the table and glasses. Discover the Blue Ocean Collection by Villa Altachiara, let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic power of blue and enjoy combining it with the Sea AlwaysCollection.


Green is a colour that recalls nature and therefore has a balancing and detoxifying power. It is a neutral relaxing colour able to encourage reflection and calm. It is the colour of the energy balance, in fact, the energy of green is energy collected in itself that denotes an inner tension. From the psychological point of view the effect of green represents the firm values that do not change, it means strength, perseverance, balance and stability. It expresses strength, tenacity, constancy, perseverance, psychological balance, self-esteem, solid reference to strong values. It is the colour of those who believe in themselves and their potential. A mint green wall in the kitchen relaxes and also helps those who tend to eat too much. Considering, however, that it is a neutral colour between the hot and the cold, it is a tone that could lead to a decrease in positive energy. It is also effective for calming migraines and nerve disorders. The different shades of green give freshness and vitality to the house without flowing into the propulsive energy of strong colours. Discover the Green Time Collection by Villa Altachiara, let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic power of green and have fun combining it with the Jungle Safari Collection.


White is a colour that illuminates and relaxes, and that symbolizes purity and candour. Symbol of light, simplicity, air and purity, white embraces all the colours of the iris, regenerates the body and lightens the mind. Its psychological meaning symbolizes purity, sweetness and inspires a sense of sweet envelopment. So, it’s the ideal color for home walls: it goes with everything, it’s elegant, it lights up the environment and makes a room more spacious. It is also a colour that gives peace and serenity but must always be used together with other shades. The neutrality of the white should be dosed appropriately because it can induce states of melancholy. And in the bedroom can also dull the passion. Paired with black is in fact used to recreate a black style that also symbolizes the philosophy of opposites very widespread in the Chinese tradition, Yin&yang. Discover the Total White Collection by Villa Altachiara, let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic power of white and enjoy combining it with the Minimal Inspiration Collection.


The black, considered the colour not colour, because obtained from the zeroing of any reflection of light, however, has always been a symbol of elegance and noble royalty. Without the dark, you can not perceive the light, for this reason, despite its negative meanings that connect it to the dark, to pain or to the feeling of loss, from the point of the life of design black is a colour that can give refinement and good taste to our environments. Try to give charm, mystery and sensuality to home environments playing with black objects. Black, if on the one hand, denies colours, is also what includes them all, and is able to absorb heaviness and sins, help concentration and consciousness and foster the evolution of inner research. Paired with white is in fact used to recreate a black & white style that also symbolizes the philosophy of opposites widespread in the Chinese tradition, Yin&yang. Discover the Total Black Collection by Villa Altachiara, let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic power of black and enjoy combining it with the Minimal Inspiration Collection.