There are many elements of well-being, as we have seen: from essences to ingredients, from lifestyles to colours! But there are still many that contribute to balance our psychophysical well-being and make us feel in harmony with the world and serene in our home! Just think, the moments of conviviality that animate our living rooms, the naturalistic references that restore vitality and freshness to our environments; and even the forms and chromatic nuances that give a touch to the table and enrich our spaces in the home. Discover them all with the Elements Collection by Villa Altachiara.


The regenerating contact with nature is just what you need for your well-being: bring the benefits of nature even at home. Decorate your spaces with references to flora and fauna and restore vitality to your spaces!

Essenza marina

The waves of the sea, the slow and the warm breath of wind that caresses the cheeks, the eyes that are lost on the horizon: all this is the magic of the sea, and all this is Essenza Marina, a mise en place with an exotic character that brings to the table the unique atmosphere of summer. Try to match it with the glasses of Glitter Line in shades of blue or green, or choose the Nodi Line, in three shades, white, dove-grey and blue, or even the Apnea Line that celebrates with a beautiful marine-themed decoration all the energy of the sea. Add a Mediterranean line lantern to recreate the right environment.


From the celery green to the lime green, from the palms to the cactus, it renews the rooms with a breath of freshness: all this is Linea Foglie, a whole range of items inspired by the wild and exotic jungle. Try to renew your outdoor spaces, from the garden to the terrace, or give colour to your table trying to mix it with the Sushi table service, in two shades of green or dove, or with the floral-themed dishes dedicated to two timeless symbols. You’ll be embarrassed for choice: roses or daisies? Add a pair of elephants to the environment to create a jungle safari atmosphere.


The therapeutic power of the sea 365 days a year? Just bring freshness to the table with subjects with marine decoration and regenerating colours of the sea, in all its nuances. All this is Maris inspired by the chosen colour nuance of the year 2020: timeless and elegant in its simplicity, the Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052. Try to complete the table with one of the table sets and glasses of the Elements Line.


Each of us dreams of one of our own. Our Oasis Line is dedicated to the fantastic corners of paradise scattered around the world. The light shades of white and turtledove relax us and bring us peace and serenity. Between vases, sculptures and empty pocket, the entire line is a cure-all for mind and body. Give your surroundings a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, be inspired for your gifts by the Linea Oasi and the beautiful lucky elephants signed Villa Altachiara.


The therapeutic power of the sea 365 days a year? Let yourself be enveloped by the light nuances and the beautiful Tiffany colour of the Mediterranean Line. Bubbles effect vases, table centres, cachepot, lucky animals that act as brings plants and candles and much more. Give freshness and vitality to your spaces, especially those outside and be inspired for your gifts by the Mediterranean Line and the beautiful lanterns signed Villa Altachiara.


Spring is in the air! Colour your table with the Primavera sets in two shades apple green and candy pink. Many forms and solutions to set up with style your moments with friends or family: from aperitifs to snacks, brunches to dinners. Whether inside or on the terrace, add a touch of style to your home with the Primavera Line. And for an explosion of colours on the table, be inspired by the Watercolor Line, a table set in three shades, sun yellow, cobalt blue and strawberry red. Try matching the Brunch Line glasses.


We learn them from an early age and they represent one of our first games, a bit our first contact with the worldThey are the forms! Beyond the classic, round, square and triangular there are many more that we discover over time! To these prosthetics of our imagination, we wanted to dedicate an entire section! Discover them all!

Ala bianco

A real classic: the shape of the round! A must-have in all houses. Be inspired by the Ala Bianco table service that with its total white makes your home current and modern. Just a touch of personality with glasses, maybe in multicolour version as in the case of the Goccia Line, to get a mise en place as refined and special as those of starry restaurants. And if you love white, but prefer a simple decoration that gives personality to your table you can choose between one of the two dishes theme nature: Bird or Tralcio? Complete the table with the Goccia Line of glasses and a real classic: the starters serving-dishes.


We have decorations: whether they are spiral-shaped, or intertwined lines, or even simple specks, who said that you can not renew the classic transparency of glasses? The Linea Contessa is regally inspired and with 3 decorations and 3 sizes, a glass of wine, a glass of water and flute, it allows you to give a touch of personality to your table. Try to mix the 3 decorations, or even pair them with the glasses of the Degustazione Line, in two forms, or with the Contessa Line with a smooth or optical effect. Complete the mise en place with the two pitchers of the Dublin Line.


Give a glamorous touch to your living room with a unique object from the Platinum Line: polyresin sculptures that you will easily insert into your spaces. You can choose from many subjects: caress, kiss, thoughts or one of the 3 sculptures inspired by the musical world: violinist, trumpet player or bass player? And to give continuity to the style of your living room try to match the Totem lamp or the Dea lamp, in white and silver glossy effect


Stylish and squared shapes for a contemporary living room. It is the Quark Line in ivory white that winks at the East. A complete table set of coffee and tea sets, dishes and salad bowl that can be completed with a line of coloured glasses to play down the table or with the most important glasses for special occasions. Whatever your choice, take up the minimal and contemporary style even in the living room with one of the lamps of the Musa Line.


In a panic to choose a gift? Don’t worry, Stone Line will take care of it. 3 sculptures in polyresin with a material effect, which pay homage to love and which will certainly be a very welcome gift. You can combine them with the Bali, Zen or Tahara collection of objects: you’ll be embarrassed for choice! Choose your style and give a touch of personality to your living room. Be inspired for your gifts or imagine as wedding favours for your wedding one of the many sculptures signed Villa Altachiara: it will surely be an original thought!


For those who have difficulty expressing their feelings here is the line that suits you: every sculpture, a message of love; who wants to send a thought or a kiss, here are the four subjects of the Verdeoro Line, polyresin sculptures, with a refined chromatic effect. Try to imagine them in a corner of your living room or as a gift idea, even for a young couple. As a wedding gift, especially if you visit the bride and groom before or after the wedding, but you can not attend the ceremony, you can choose one of the stylish watches of the Collection Line.


They fill our days: they are the little moments of daily life that we love to spend at home with our loved ones, friends and relatives and that give colour to our life. From breakfast to aperitif, from brunch to snack, the important thing is to accompany them with our objects of the heart. Discover all the Table Co-ordinates Lines to make your moments special.


A real must-have for breakfast is wishing good morning to those you love. You can’t do it well without the Table Set Line Buongiorno: mugs, tea and coffee cups, cereal bowls and many other items for a rich and colourful table. Complete the mise en place with one of the colourful centres of the table in the shape of fruit or flower and try to colour the walls with one of the clocks of the Pixel Line, coloured centrepieces of the table and add one of the clocks included in the Pixel Line.


The enchanted world of candy brings us all a bit 'children: 3 pop colours and a polka dot decoration to celebrate the memories of a distant childhood. Here is the Candy Table Set Line, inspired by the legendary ’50s. Cobalt blue, coral red and pistachio green for a super-coloured and fun table. From cereal bowls to mugs, from cans to biscuits, many fun items for your snacks in joy. Complete the table with the Line of white pyrophiles and multicolour glasses of the Carioca Line or the Brunch Line.


Aperitime? You cannot do without our Line of Table Sets Co-ordinates Tapas: everything you need to organize a corner in the living room or terrace in full industrial style for your aperitif with friends. From jars to menage salt, oil and pepper, from spoon rests to mini chopping boards, everything you need to organize the table in the best way. Complete everything with black pyrophiles and plates in total white style or with geometric decorations.