Take it easy and recover your wellness!
  Let be helped by the therapeutic power of aromatic fragrances and essential oils, finding out all their healthful feelings on your body and mind. You are going to feel better as never before!

Ambra grigia: beauty

Ambra Grigia - as Grey-amber - is one of the tempting and loved perfume, well-known since ancient times. As a raw material, It is carried by sea directly on the sand-beach, making a unique and mysterious essence.

Ambra Grigia has a strong aromatic scent, used for body care, nourishment and preparation of sweets and liquor glazes. 

Ambra Grigia mise en place is particularly suitable for polished and elegant setup tables, attentive to details. Each of twenty item Collection evokes the Amber shape in a very slight decoration. Additionally, You can join it with Linea Alloro Nero, using wine and water dedicated glasses and flutes to make your table so glamourous or You can choose a classic timeless Linea Contessa Collection

Calendula: don't be afraid

Flower made by the sun with soothing and cooling properties. Its scent give comfort and free your mind.

Calendula - as Marigold - is particularly suitable for skincare but it is used for gastrointestinal disease care too, thanks to repairing gastric mucosa action. Calendula is characterized by dreaming and heavenly shape and could be a perfect gift for friends, parents and lovers, making them your best wish like Don't be afraid motto says. 

For your living room setup, You can join this fragrance with her sister Tuberosa enriching the space with a lamp of Linea Inula Collection or a vase including in Linea Iris Collection.


Canfora: be firm

Canfora - as Camphor -  is the scent of courage and firmness. It strengthens the will.

It is very fruitful to face muscular and articular pains and can be used as essential oil for a rejuvenating massage.

This fragrance is also widely utilised to store clothes in drawers and wardrobes during seasonal changing, taking advantages of its antiseptic value.

Canfora mise en place is characterized by warm colours and floral decorations that evoke the same plant-name and it can be employed to adorn your table for daily routine or some special occasion.

Enjoy during your mise en place moment setting up the table with Linea Alloro Collection Set, adding a touch of glamour and style. Dinners and parties with friends will not be the same! 

Cardamomo: attraction

This is the Eros scent, able to stimulate the spirit and the senses, creating sharing moment of passion. Sweet, spice and strongly embracing, Cardamom fragrance is recommended for lovers and passionate people that need keep away from troubles and negative atmosphere.

Well-known for its curative properties and lengthily used in Oriental medical science, Cardamomo was first spread in Europe, during Greek and Roman times.

Its original use was concentrated about perfume preparation and nowadays is one of the most expensive spice in the world, third positioned after saffron and vanilla. 

Cardamomo mise en place is tropical-flavoured themed, suitable for Jungle Safari table style, without giving up a touch of glamour. Join it with glasses set Ginepro, violet and dark green coloured 

Cedro: reflection

Its essence extracted from wood is one of the most ancient and well-known. It empowers and preserves spirit, helping to maintain the sense of proportion and rationality in order to make deep observations and thoughts 

Useful against cellulite, cystitis and gastrointestinal disorders, it helps to regulate blood pressure. The Cedro – as Cedar  – is full of minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin C, as a matter of fact, it has many uses in cooking and confectionery. 

This line-set offers vases and pocket emptier inspired by the colours of wild nature and It is the perfect gift to wish peace and serenity to those you love, labelled with a direct, strong and simple message: Take a break!

Cera d'api: delicacy

Warm and gentle, the scent of Cera d'api - as Beeswax - embodies the power of nature, flowers and pollens. 

Cera d’api has strong emollient and anti-dehydrating properties, very useful for tissues and cells renewal. Moreover, It is a perfect helper to restrict skin diseases (itch, dermatitis, eczema and rashes) damages and to recover wounds.

Cera d'Api line-set is characterized by various decorations, beehive colours inspired. With these refinements, You can lighten up your daily routine, as breakfast, family meals, cocktails with friends.

Try out to combine this Collection with a Total White style mise en place, standing out more the single pieces of Collection, adding Linea Pepe items, into two different colours.

You can choose this Collection to make a perfect gift, cuddling your friends or embellish your home. In any case, It is the right choice! 

Citronella: enthusiasm

Intense, strong and aromatic lemon scented, the Citronella - as Lemongrass - is a very bracing fragance, carrying energy and passion.

It is particularly reccomended for its restful and sleep-inducing properties, with antibacterial and anti-spasm effects too. 

As usual, Citronella is mostly used in different recovering diseases such as fluo, rheumatism, joint pain, indigestion and mental fatigue.

Citronella is one of the most important theme-motif of Linea Dolls, dedicated to little mermaids of deepest marine abyss, bringing us directly to Sea Always style, wich You can decorate your home, supported by the therapeutical sea benefits during all the days of the year.

This is the perfect gift, stimulating and enthusiastic, to wish all the best for those you love with a message coming from the sea deep: If You want You can!

Cuoio: stay strong

Intense, wild, with a vigorous nature, this is the scent of ancestral origins, symbolizing masculinity and male strength.

Cuoio - as Skin leather - is one of the most used and well-known fragrances deriving from animals and always employed by French perfumers in their own formulas.

With its strong and unbending olfactory sign, It has always been used for female fragrances, in order to personify a new type of a strong, self-emancipated and proactive woman.

Cuoio mise en place is inspired by warm shades of ground and terrain as brown-mud and green-fir tonalities, recreating a table set totally Jungle Safari style.

You can combine this set-Line with others nature-inspired item like vases or centrepieces of Linea Foglie, with its distinctive animalier touch.

Elicrisio: feeling you

Sweet as honey but bitter than restless dawn, this scent is passionate and powerful. It could be used with frugality, combined with rose scent or some discreet smells. This is an ensemble of heart and mind, a twine of sensibleness and compassion.

Characterized by anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties, it is very useful for the wellness of the respiratory system. Elicriso is endowed with some particular antibacterial and anti-ageing qualities, mostly employed in the sector of skin care.

The Linea Elicriso marked by various decorations and items like vases, pockets emptier and candle holders, presents a black and white tonality theme, evoking colours and tropes of nature, plants and leaves.

It is a perfect gift to make feel good and comfortable those who love with a tender message: I feel and understand you!

Elemi: awareness

Strongly aromatic and calming down, this scent brings to light the fears, leaving behind illusions and insecurities . 

Elemi essential oil is particularly indicated to restrain stress, anxiety, taking a deep breath in order to facilitate meditation, communication and self-reflection with others and their own spiritual sensations. Generally Elemi scent is spreaded out by perfume dispenser, being effective as antiseptic and energizing, pushing away depression and sadness.

Nice vases of set-Line Elemi are the perfect gift to wish who love all the best in facing problems and difficulties like Have courage! motto says.

The decoration motif of the Linea Elemi can be paired with others coloured ones of the Linea Petit to furnish the different spaces of your home such as the main entrance, the kitchen or just to set the table, arranging a brunch or happy hour with family and friends.

Galbano: harmony

This is the perfume of wood, able to reconcile with nature. Deeply spiced with vegetal smells, it fosters the sense of balance and restrains anger.

Well-known for its antispasmodic properties and employed against the respiratory and digestive system illness, the fragrance of Galbano is largely used for its curative qualities also in perfumery and beauty treatment.

The Galbano mise en place set-Line offers three different pastel nuance as yellow, lilac and powder blue, enjoying with the chance to set a funny and original table arrangement, combining items, colours and decorations.

The amusement has no limit! Enjoy with a mix of other set-Line pieces, adorning with glasses-line Passiflora, Biancospino and Gelsomino.

Ginepro: soul purification

Forceful, balm-like and strongly energetic, this fragrance symbolizes the struggle against negativity and pessimism, pushing away fears and badness.

Ginepro is particularly indicated for its anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antiviral properties mostly appreciated and used in homoeopathy preparations. 

The glasses set included in the Linea Ginepro offers six different multicolour nuance and three most discreet tonalities of grey, light-grey and white, especially suited for the mise en place of every day, inspiring by the therapeutic power of chromo-therapy.

Ginestra: bravery

Colourful flowered, heady and fresh, this fragrance introduces the Spring, symbol of transition from the past with its emotionally helpful power.

Ginestra most important well-known properties regard calming, laxative and vasoconstrictor effects, including body detoxing and heart rate normalising. Furthermore, it is also employed for its painkilling, anti-rheumatism and joint preservation qualities.

Perfumed and romantic set-Line Ginestra represents one of the three dancer topic included in the Linea Dolls suitable as the perfect gifts, labelled with a tender message:  The best is yet to come!

Inula: don't be shy!

Precious, golden shaded as a catcher sun flower, this fragrance supports your self-improvement, with a reassuring and emotional expression symbolic power. 

Mostly used in homeopathy treatments for its various properties such as calming-cough, disinfectant and expectorant. Especially indicated for smokers, Inula presents a strong bronchodilator effect, particularly useful in bronchitis, cough and asthma therapy.

Inula, pushes away fears and badness, conciliating calm and positive vibes, as a true inspiration theme of Villa Altachiara set-Line Collection. 

Iristrust me

Precious and essential as the Four Elements, this fragrance is characterized by a lighting and intense smell suitable to drive away anxiety and to reinforce trust and self-confidence. 

Iris is a well-known medicinal plant, utilising as an important natural remedy to take care of viral illness and its symptoms like migraine and digestive disease.

Iris, evoking the essential Four Elements which compose it, presents four different types of items as tall, medium and short sized vases and also female themed sculptures. This is one of the different Vases Line Collection that You can choose, naturally signed Villa Altachiara.

Menta: creativity

Invigorating and refreshing, this fragrance clears up ideas and thoughts, helping your imagination and fantasy.

Menta - as Mint plant - presents different therapeutic properties, supporting digestion, painkilling processes and to prevent nausea.

Menta, cool and strongly perfumed, is one of three Little Mermaid topic-subject including in the Linea Dolls, and it is surely an appreciated perfect gift, ideal to wish success as Everything is possible motto says.

Narciso: make a wish

Deeply seductive and vibrant, this is the perfume of lust and romantic passion.

Narciso - as Narcissus - presents various qualities such as calming-down, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial effects. It is also used as a toning element and for home perfuming, thanks to its strong smell.

Narciso, as other topic-subject, is one of three different dancers including in the Linea Dolls and it is a perfect gift to wish all the best to those who love as the encouraging Be a dreamer! motto says. 

Neroli: marry me!

Orange blossom obtained, this fragrance is well-known as divine essence, representing good vibes and the road to love. 

Neroli oil is characterized by calming-down, balancing and rejuvenating effects, useful to restrain stress and to induce sleepy rest. 

Neroli mise en place table is fully Total White Style inspired, characterized by a micro bubbles decoration relief, with a classy Villa Altachiara touch. Appropriate in different occasion, as party table or daily meals, this set-Line Collection is fully white shaded and perfect for the newly-weds home.

Try out this items set-Line combining with gold, black and silver coloured glasses of Linea Ortica, and finally to enrich the mise en place with the centrepieces including in the set-Line Linea Chakra.

Pepe: perseverance 

Stimulating feelings and senses, this fragrance strengthens your own willpower, teaching us that nothing is lost.

Pepe - as Pepper - is useful to ameliorate digestion and metabolism and it is particularly indicated for a balanced diet in preventing obesity thanks to its healthy effects on digestion and food assimilation.

The set Linea Pepe with a double match of water and wine glasses, in black or dove-grey tones, are particularly indicated for classy and glamourous choices, giving a special style to your mise en place set table, for a party or any occasion.

Petit: focusing 

Orange leaves extracted, this perfume reinvigorates soul, clearing up the mind to take a wise decision.

The petit-grain fragrance is used to treat insomnia, anxiety and migraine Furthermore, it presents a high power in calming-down stress, irritability and panic, effecting directly on heart rate.

Petit is a set-Line composed by pockets emptier with the shape of a little doll, representing a lucky charm object, easily combining with the vases of Linea Elemi. Choosing these pieces, you can create your home space of calmness and relaxation.

The items of Linea Petit are a perfect gift, wishing to your loved ones to take a wise decision, as Clear your head! motto says strongly.


Hard to obtain, this essence is sweet, discreet and so precious. It is the emblem of love, feelings and emotion, encouraging arts and self-initiative.

Rosa - as Rose plant - is used for its soothing and calming down properties, giving happiness and well-balanced equilibrium. This perfumed essence symbolizes physical and psychological support during pregnancy. 

Rosa is one of three little dolls including in the Linea Dolls, a perfect gift to wish all the best and love to your loved ones as  Shoot for the stars! motto says.

Salvia: wisdom

Sweet and fresh, this fragrance helps senses, memory and spirit sharpness. 

Well-known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties the Salvia - as Sagebrush - presents an important supportive oestrogen production effect, mostly employed in the treatment of gynaecological diseases. Moreover, it has always been used in preventing caughting cold, with its balsamic and emollient characteristics. 

Salvia mise en place set table with its natural green colour that evokes the Collection Line name is easily combining with others ones Linea Tonka and Achillea, same decorated and inspired to pastel tonalities.

Tonka: generosity

Cheerful as a ray of light, this fragrance is characterized by a sweet, warm and intense perfume. It is particularly indicated for its relaxing power, tending to quiet and communion.

Tonka is known also for a strong sedative cough effect, spice and grassy smelled like vanilla, largely employed from the Chef all over the world. 

Tonka mise en place set table is light blue coloured, evoking broad bean plant that reminds to the name of Line Collection. In particular, it presents a table set that can be combined with Sea Always Style and with dishes included in Linea Maris and Linea Avena too.


Tuberosa: don't be afraid to change

White, intensely sweet and sensual, this is the perfume of audacity and awareness, ideal to stimulate creativity and improvement.

Tuberosa is the perfect fragrance to get in touch with the deepest and spontaneous themselves, connected to the lust and passion, inviting let yourself go.

It is also helpful to solve soul conflict, sexual problems and to overcome psychological trauma.

Tuberosa is the perfect gift to wish to those loved one's firmness and willpower as Don't be afraid to change! motto says.

Moreover, to embellish your living space, You can combine these pieces with the sister collection Calendula and with a nice lamp including in Linea Inula or with a vase of Linea Iris.

Verbena: be in a good mood

Warm and enveloping, Verbena fragrance has reassuring and lighting up effect, fostering socialisation.

Verbena presents strong antineuralgic, anxiolytic, sedative and analgesic properties, that operates directly on the parasympathetic nervous system.

As a matter of fact, this perfume is mostly used also for insomnia, migraine, stomach and respiratory diseases.

Verbena mise en place set table presents vivid tonalities, particularly fitting for daily meals and routine day by day and you can add with colourful glasses including in the Linea Glitter, Linea Carioca or Ginepro, or separate them in different case and occasion of use.


Steadfast and invincible, this is a strong and structured perfume of the Earth but at the same time evokes fresh and vegetal smells. It gives openness and forgiveness. 

This fragrance persuades to calming down stress, improves self-concentration and can be used to ameliorate the circulatory and glandular systems. Furthermore, Vetiver is commonly employed as an antirheumatic and antispasmodic remedy, for its painkilling action in order to foster the immune system.

The Linea Vetiver, colourful and funny offers various pieces Collection of little animals made by glazed ceramic, that can be the right choice to animate your table.

It is also a perfect gift for those who love, wishing them to be a catcher of dreams as Achieve your goals!  motto says that inspire the entire Collection.

Violettagrace and discretion

It is a sweet and delicate perfume, with toning and calming properties, symbolising womanliness.

Violetta -  as Violet - presents different qualities as a sedative, capillary reinforcing, decongest the respiratory system and it is used as a strong anti-insomnia remedy too.

Violetta is one of three Little Mermaids including in the Linea Dolls and can be a perfect gift to wish all the tenderness of the world to those who love as: Remember, You are unique! spontaneously motto says.

Ylang: free your feelings

Warm and feminine, this fragrance is a symbol used to overcome disappointment and offence, showing poeticalness of your own soul.

Ylang has calming down, toning, hypotensive and aphrodisiac properties. Furthermore, it is used in hair care treatment, due to its nourishing and protective worth, especially in preserving from sun, wind and dried salt.

Ylang mise en place set table is characterized by original uneven shapes and its Total White Style is line relief decorated, make it so precious and materic. This is a perfect gift, a must-have to include in your wedding list gift, choosing a modern style without removing classical tradition. Try out to combine with transparent or golden shaded stem-glasses included in the Linea Cities.