These small fruits are a mine of active ingredients, many of which are useful to prevent and cure the effects of the accumulation of toxins and inflammations and to keep young. From the undisputed antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are natural allies of well-being; to make them so precious is the presence of some elements that have the ability to counter degenerative processes. That’s why we wanted to dedicate an entire line of objects to them.
Discover all the benefits of the berries with our exotic mise en place decorations that give an artisanal effect to these table services, which mix the intensity of whale blue with the energy of red berries.


The Acai berries, coming from the Amazon and known as the weeping fruits are real anti-age allies being rich in polyphenols concentrated mainly in the skin, which help to activate those genes that govern the processes of cellular longevity. Remineralizing and energetic, useful to rebalance the organism after an effort or under conditions of stress, they are also rich in amino acids and fibres, effective to reduce cholesterol levels, preserving the health of blood vessels. 

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Goji Berries, energizing, protective and immunostimulating are also called red diamonds for their precious beneficial properties; in fact, they are able to promote the well-being of the organism, also through the reduction of inflammatory states, are rich in vitamins (especially E and C) minerals and polysaccharides that fight the stress resulting from intense physical and mental activity. 

For a unique mise en place, do not miss the Goji table set and match it with glasses Ortica and glasses Parigi.