Dried Fruits

There are many benefits recognised to dried fruit, more and more frequently integrated into sports diets, or simply recommended in diets, as a snack, thanks to its energizing powers. Inexhaustible sources of mineral salts, fibres, vitamins and proteins, the fuels of the body, regular and measured consumption of dried fruit can significantly contribute to the proper functioning of body and mind. That’s why we have dedicate an entire objects line to them.

Discover all the benefits of the Dried Fruit set-Line with pure white porcelain mise en place enriched with arabesque decorations that can bring you back to the heart of distant and dreamy destinations. 

Have fun mixing the set table with each other and matching the glasses of the Sambuco set-Line in your favourite colour choice.


Macadamia nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, useful for metabolism, they also help to fight free radicals, therefore cellular ageing and the so-called bad cholesterol. They can become true allies of the health of muscles and liver and for this they are considered an elixir of long life. 

For a mise en place inspired by the magic of exotic and distant destinations try to match the table set Macadamia, matching glasses of the Sambuco set-Line, reviving the table crossing with the other set-Line table Pecan.


Kukui nuts, so-called also Kemiri nuts, originating from the Pacific Islands, are also known as light nuts, due to their conspicuous amount of oils contained inside, burned to emanate light. For this reason, in Hawaiian mythology, the Kemiri, the official tree of the State of Hawaii, is a symbol of light, protection and peace, precisely because its seeds were used as candles. 

For a simple mise en place with delicate pastel shades of mint green, lavender and turtledove, Kemiri is the symbol of day-to-day tables, but also suitable for parties. Try to mix its three shades and match the glasses Biancospino, Passiflora and Gelsomino for a table with an unmistakable style and attention to detail.