Edible Flowers

As usual to say, sometimes a flower is enough. Nowadays the trend of edible flowers became popular, but it could be a little dangerous because there are some flowers types not edible.

Beautiful to admire and with a very refined style, at this point they represent a touch of classy to adorn dishes.

A great healthy source totally complete, edible flowers can used as a tasty condiment and seasoning, for example primroses and violets can be utilised for traditional cooking preparation.

The first and most important flower value is to bring harmony, leading to a complete sensorial experience, enjoying fragrance and flavour for the maintenance of psycophysical balance.

For this, we have dedicated an entire objects line precisely to these elements.

Take a look to all advantages of edible flowers with our mise en place table, characterized by pure white porcelain enriched with motifs and decoration floral themed, to bring such freshness and harmony on the table.

Enjoy to combine with Carioca, one of the multicolour set glasses line or elegant stem-glasses for a Total White Style.


Begonia, originally farmed in the tropical and subtropical regions, has extraordinary decorative qualities, added to important energetic characteristics such as placating irritation, freeing from anger, calming down frustrations and facilitating quietness and patience.

For a floral themed mise en place table, try to combine to two different begonia nuances in red and purple, the same coloured glasses including in set-Line Carioca or Glitter.


Camomilla - as Chamomile - is well known since ancient times for its sedative and relaxing properties, very useful to facilitate digestion, leading to a general reinforcement of gastrointestinal activities system. Furthermore, it is characterized by a good anti-inflammatory property, thanks to its protective action directly on the membranes.

For a romantic mise en place table, completely Total White inspired, try to combine with set-Line Camomilla, the glasses including in the Karkadè Line Collection, dove-grey and red coloured, adding a colourful touch to your table.


Magnolia, mostly used for about 2000 years in the Chinese tradition, is able to stimulate a general relaxation feeling, taking care of stress and alleviate anxiety. The essential oil extracted by its flowers, is a powerful natural anti-ageing element, a sort of must have for the care and beauty of face and body.

For a mise en place in full Minimal chic style, try to combine to this set-Line the stem-glasses part of Artemisia set-Line table, finely gold-lined for a classy and elegance touch on your table.