Grains and Flours

Since ancient times, grains and flours have always been used for well-balanced nutrition, as required from the Mediterranean Diet. As a matter of fact, these are the fullest carbohydrate compounds, a fundamental source of energy for the daily routine. Proteins, fibres, vitamins and mineral salts naturally contained are very useful to keep strong and in a good shape.

Furthermore, these are the primary ingredients in the preparation of pasta, bread and biscuits, revised following the new necessities of food consumption and diet lifestyle as, for example, the whole wheat. For this reason, Villa Altachiara has dedicated an entire items Collection Line.

Discover all benefits of Grain and Flours, with the new exclusive and refined mise en place set table, evoking ground colours and the different characteristics of wheat fields, countryside mills and nature.
It will be very easy and funny to combine the various items, giving a country touch to your home, your kitchen, your table!


Miglio - as Pearl Millet - is full of nutrients, very useful for the care of the digestive system, haircare and preservation of skin and nails. Being a gluten-free compound it is particularly indicated for coeliac disease, with a reasonable carbohydrate level and proteins.

It is rich in mineral salts more than the other grains, including phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium, with important energizing and diuretic properties.

If you want an inspired deepest sea mise en place table this set-Line will be the right choice, combining with the table set Miglio and Avena, with glasses of set-Line Nodi and Apnea and the items included in Sea Always Collection 


Avena - as Oat - is useful to control the blood pressure and cholesterol, with important properties in the treatment of irritability, insomnia and depression.

Avena grain is particularly indicated for slimming diet, restricting hunger, coeliac and constipation, assuring the normal intestine functioning.

For a sea marine-themed mise en place set table you can combine the set-Line table Avena and Miglio, adding with glasses of Lines-set  NodiApnea or Sea Alway Collection items.


Quinoa presents an important protein value, very useful for its energizing properties. It is well-known as a low-calorie and gluten-free food, specially indicated for heart and muscles well-being, due to high carbohydrates and fibre amount. 

Furthermore, with its high essential amino acids amount, it is involved in the proper functioning of the body, assuring the correct absorption of lysine, methionine and insulin. It is also enriched by vitamins C, E, mineral salts and magnesium quantities.

For a warm and lively mise en place, try to mix the table services Quinoa and Farro and match them to the glasses of the line Ginepro and Glitter, and other items of the Pop Art Collection.



Farro - as Spelt - is the oldest ever grown cereal and considered the most important remedy in case of intestin and heart diseases, low in calories but rich in vitamins and proteins quantity, a very healthy substance for the body and a well-balanced diet.

With a high fibre level, it is employed to control blood sugar concentration and to limit hungry, with an important satiate property. It is particularly indicated for people who suffering diabetes avoiding glycemic peaks and getting weight, due to its capacity to preserve cardiovascular system and the high amount of iron and phosphorus.

For a warm and lively mise en place set table, try to combine the table set-Line Farro and Quinoa, adding with the glasses of set-Line Ginepro and Glitter, and other items of the Collection Pop Art



Orzo - as Barley - is characterized by anti-inflammatory and remineralizing properties, rich in proteins, starches, simple sugars, vitamins and  Beta Glucan, utilising to preserve the intestine well-being and to keep under control glycaemia level.

Well-known since the Hippocrates times, it is used to take care of gastrointestinal and urinary system affections, also useful in case of inflammation of the oral cavity, used to prepare candies against sore throat. It is full of minerals, with an excellent remineralizing action thanks to potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. 

For a discreet and simple natural coloured mise en place set-table, You can mix the table services Orzo and Segale, adding to the glasses of Linea Abbraccio and with other items of Jungle Safari Collection.  



Segale - as Rye - rich in fibre and useful for the intestinal flora, is a mountain cereal, full of nutritional properties, slightly acidic and aromatic flavoured. According to popular medicine traditions, Rye bread is very energetic and its high fibre amount is particularly important to facilitate intestinal peristalsis, to keep under control the sugar absorption, improving the satiety sensation, useful for those who suffer diabetes and indicated for a low-calorie diet.

For a simple and coloured mise en place, try to combine Segale and Orzo table set services with the glasses including in Linea Abbraccio and other items of Jungle Safari Collection