Intensely green coloured, leaves are able to feel us in harmony with nature, even the wildest one and feel in peace with the rest of the world.

Trees and Plants leaves have always been known for their various therapeutic properties, as example the olive leaves are known for their antioxidant quality in delaying cellular ageing or the laurel ones, used for its sleepy effects.

For this reason we have dedicated an entire objects line to these elements.

Discover all advantages of Leaves set-Line Collection with pure white porcelain mise en place, enriched by green and floral themed watercolours.

Enjoy in combining the different set-Lines table with each other, matching green and dove-grey glasses including in the Jungle Safari Collection.


Aloe is considered by the ancients as the immortality plant and its usage represented an undeniable daily routine beauty for the Olympus Goddesses. By the armies, instead, these leaves was considered an important support for the care of wounds.

This leaf presents strong healing properties, very useful to reinforce the immune system and also in repairing and protecting the tissues.

For a nature inspired mise en place table, try to combine with this set-Line, the same coloured glasses including in the Tiglio or Malva set-Lines, rekindling the set-table with the Line Ninfea.


Ninfea - as Water Lily - is a very holy plant in the ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, aquatic with important sedative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and emollient properties, thanks to the inner substance named lectin, extracted by its roots. Furthermore, it is used with radioprotective and anti-diabetes qualities, involving in the pancreatic renewal cells process.

For an inspired nature mise en place table, combine with this set-Line, the same coloured glasses including in the Line Tiglio or Malva, rekindling the set table of Line Aloe.