Most used since ancient times both for medical purposes and kitchen cooking, seaweeds present various beneficial properties as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals, a precious source of the rare B12 vitamin and with a good protein intake of 30% about.

Alginic acid and its salts are well-known for their absorption quality, named chelating properties, able to remove heavy metals and other toxic substances from the body.

That is why we have dedicated an entire line objects to these elements, discovering all the seaweeds benefits, using this dedicated table mise en place, sparkling styled, with gold elements decorated, highlighting the white porcelain with Total Black decorations.


Haitai seaweed, well-known for its high iodine amount, is mostly used in replacing salt, flavouring many courses, adding an important healthy property level to the food, improving the psycophysical well-being.

For a classy and unique table mise en place, don't miss the Haitai set-table Line, trying to mix with Nori, matched with stem-glasses Mirto.


Seaweed Nori, very delicate flavoured, is well-known to be employed in the making of the Japanese Sushi, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and so useful to take care of skin affections as eczema and desquamation.

For a classy and sparkling styled mise en place, don't miss on your table the set-Line Nori, trying to combine with Haitai, matched with stem-glasses Mirto.