We have learned to use for their contribution to the well-being of mind and body. Unquestionably fundamental for our diets, the seeds of well-being seem to have excellent properties to solve common problems such as irritability and abdominal swelling, rather than water retention. Chia seeds, effective in fighting intestinal laziness; Cumin to promote the metabolism of calories and as fat-burning; Fennel seeds, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties; Pumpkin seeds useful to regulate blood sugar levels; Sunflower seeds to prevent and restrain ageing effects, mitigating inflammation; Flax seeds, fruitful for the heart, blood pressure and bones condition, all the seeds are true allies of general well-being.

For this reason, we have dedicated an entire line of table set, completed with salad bowls, a large round serving dish and set coffee for six.

Discover all the benefits of the Seeds set-Line with the pure white porcelain mise en place, enriched with nice stylized decorations useful to restore harmony in your table setting.
Have fun mixing the table set-Lines with each other and match the same coloured glasses of Carioca and Ortica set-Lines.


Sesame seeds, with high protein content, are rich in carbohydrates and minerals, and very useful in preventing cardiovascular diseases. They are a valid product substitute for milk and its derivatives, very useful in case of osteoporosis. 

For a simple mise en place realized with white porcelain embellished with a nice blue polka dot decoration on the unique ivory shade, try to mix Sesamo with Papavero and Canapa, matching the same coloured glasses included in Carioca and Ortica set-Line.


Poppy seeds, well-known for its high calcium and vitamins amount and, at the same time, for its sedative and calming down effects on the nervous system, are an important fat and proteins source, with manganese, Omega 6 and vitamin E.

For a fresh and energetic mise en place realized with pure white porcelain on the ivory unique shade embellished with refined knots weave, try to mix Papavero set-Line with Sesamo and Canapa set-Lines, matching with the same coloured glasses included in Carioca and Ortica set-Lines.


Hemp seeds, included among the so-called protein foods because they contain all the essential amino acids, are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and represent a valid remedy against arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders, as well as preventing various diseases including arthritis, respiratory system affections and eczema. 

For a simple but accurate mise en place realized whit pure white porcelain embellished with a striped decoration on a unique ivory shade, try to mix Canapa with Sesamo and Papavero, matching the same coloured glasses included in Carioca and Ortica set-Lines.