Fishes and Shellfishes

If the motto "to be healthy as a fish" is true, our daily diet cannot avoid food as fish and shellfish. Rich in mineral salts, iron, calcium, iodine, magnesium and vitamins, these are really the food of well-being, thanks to their properties involving in maintaining the correct weight and intaking the right daily essential nutrients amount.

Even the world of fantasy and cartoon has made these marine living beings so dear, as depicted in the story of  Nemo and the Little Mermaid, but there are so many unusual and unknown marine species in the deepest sea. For example we can mention the Black Devil, the cryptopsaras couesii looks like monkfish, the anoplogaster known for its half-closed mouth, the blobfish considered the ugliest fish in the world or the phantom fish, for its shaded colours. Furthermore, we can remember other different species as macropinna, malacosteus nigeril, ceratias holboelli, axe-fish and goblin shark.

To this endless world of sometimes monstrous marine beings, we have dedicated an entire objects line, paying a tribute to two particular species, as Manta and Alosa, for its remarkable properties and peculiarity.

Discover all the advantages of Fishes and Shellfishes set-Line with the pure white porcelain mise en place, enriched by coloured sea-themed, to get in contact with the sea all year long. Have some fun mixing these table set-Lines, matching with the centrepieces including in the Maris Line and with same coloured dishes-serving part of Grains and Flours Collection


Manta is an endagered fish with white and delicate flavoured meat, presents few calories and it is very digestible. The traditional Chinese medicine recognises therapeutical and healing properties to its gills, such as stimulating the immune system, becoming rare and precious fish species.

For a sea-themed mise en place, try to match the set-Line table Manta with the same coloured glasses included in the Nodi Line and with the serving-dishes of Orzo and Segale Lines.


Alosa, presents in freshwater, is particularly suitable for drying, maintaining its beneficial properties and its nutritional peculiarities, entirely. Typically presents in our lakes and seas, this is a species rich in nutrients useful for our psycophysical balance and well-being.
For a sea-themed mise en place, try to match this set-Line with the other Line Alosa, with the same coloured glasses of Nodi Lines and with the serving-dishes of Quinoa and Miglio set-Lines.