Soy Plant is an excellent source of vegetable protein, as with all other legumes, is the real protagonist of the weekly menu of those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. But not only! In fact, more and more people today choose to reduce meat consumption in favour of alternative protein sources. In addition to protein, soy plant contains important mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium. This legume is also naturally free of cholesterol, but rich in essential fibres not only for the well-being of intestinal functions but also for the reduction of fat absorption, in contrasting the blood insulin surges and the blood sugar concentration. 

For this reason, we have dedicated an entire object line to these ingredients, although its use produces opposite visions still today, considering it, in any case, a valid remedy employed for the psychophysical well-being of all of us.

Discover all the benefits of the Soy Line with white porcelain mise en place geometric decorated inspired by the ancient tradition of Mandalas. Have fun mixing the set-Line table with each other, matching the dishes of the Segale and Miglio set-Lines.


Edamame is an unripe soybean that contains many properties and benefits. It is antioxidant and useful to fight free radicals, does not contain cholesterol, but on the contrary, all nutrients exercise a positive metabolic effect. 

For a colourful and fun lime-green mise-en-place, try mixing Edamame with Miso and Tamari set-Lines, the other two Soy set-Line decorations, matching with the serving-dishes of the Segale and Miglio set-Lines.


Tamari is a sauce made from yellow soya beans fermented up to three years in cedar barrels and contain numerous types of ferments that promote digestion, increasing the secretion of gastric juices and strengthening the intestinal bacterial flora. Also used as a dietary supplement, because it contains proteins, enzymes, vitamins, including the precious B 12, and other trace elements, is a valid substitute for salt, useful in fact in the diet for hyperthesis, but also for celiacs, being completely gluten-free. 

For a colourful and nice mise en place with geometric decorations, try to mix Tamari with Edamame and Miso, the other two decorations of the Soia line and match them with the serving-dishes of the Quinoa and Avena set-Lines.