Special Fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and you know! But do you know the properties of so-called special fruits? There are hundreds of fruits in the world that are no less nutritious or delicious than we are used to, but we have probably never heard of them. We can mention, for example, the white strawberry, Malang of Himalaya, chirimoya, rich in water and vitamin C, originally from Peruvian Andes, little sweet pepper, refreshing and juiciest fruit and pitaya, known as Dragon fruits, very low-calories and carbohydrates concentrated. And again, the carambola, famous for its star shape, the kiwano, a type of melon, the salak, often known as snake fruit, because of the texture on its skin; the gac, which seems to have considerable benefits on health, vitality and longevity; the durian, with a strong smell and an unmistakable shell covered by spurs and, the mangosteen, the lychee, the jaca and the rambutan. To this endless world of natural delicacies, colourful and juicy, we wanted to dedicate an entire line paying homage to two special fruits, such as Jack Fruit and Star Fruit, with remarkable beneficial properties.

Discover all the benefits of the Special Fruits set-Line special with the mise en place in pure white porcelain enriched with floral and multicoloured decorations able to bring you in contact with nature. 

Have fun mixing the table services with each other and match the glasses of the Malva Line and the carafes of the Melissa Line.

Star Fruit

Star Fruit, originally from India and rich in vitamin C, is a powerful antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. Its substances are able to protect the organism from the potentially harmful effects of free radicals. The high content of fibres present in this tropical fruit allows favouring the intestinal regularity. 

For a mise en place with an exotic flavour try to match the table service Start Fruit, matching glasses, Liesotinea Malva and carafes Melissa line and revive the table adding with the table service Jack Fruit.

Jack Fruit

Jack Fruit, rich in vitamin C and B is very useful for the well-being of skin, eyes and to preserve the immune system. Exotic fruit with a bizarre appearance, it is the largest tree fruit in the world and its gigantic fruits have a protective skin studded with small spikes, inside which hides a fibrous sweet yellow pulp, whose typical aroma looks like a blend of pineapple and mango. Often counted among the super-foods, it provides a good amount of calories but is low in fat, it also has antioxidant properties and is able to protect the colon, as well as being an excellent source of magnesium, iron and calcium potassium. 

For a fresh and colourful mise en place try to match the table service Start Fruit, matching glasses of Malva Line and carafes of Melissa Line, renewing the table style with Star Fruit set-Line.