Trees and Plants

Trees are good is not just a slogan used by ecologist, but it is a real fact because trees and plants have always shown their fruitful effects in maintaining the physical and psychological well-being.

Since ancient times, medical science has noticed the therapeutic power of nature and nowadays this path goes ahead in different fields as architecture and design that promote a new concept-idea named Bioenergetic Landscape. For this reason, we have dedicated single set-Line Collection items.

Discover all plants and trees benefits with our glasses and stem-glasses Collection Line.


Alloro - as Laurel Oak - is commonly employed to reduce the impact of gastrointestinal disease and since the ancient times it is used as erudition and fame symbol, utilized to thicken the mattress of minister for their premonitory dreams, a sort of prophecy.

Don't miss the Collection set-line Alloro to arrange an unmistakable table mise en place, with glasses, stem-glasses and flûte, golden and black coloured, designed and realized in Italy.

You can combine this Collection with table set of Radical Chic Collection.


Artemisia is well-known for its various beneficial properties, in Italian also named erba scacciadiavoli - as Shoo Devil grass - because the farmers gathered it during the summer solstice night. It is largely used by women, especially fot its painkilling and analgesic qualities. Don't miss Artemisia Line Collection water glass and wine stem-glasses to arrange a classy and refined table mise en place, with a golden line touch.

Try to combine with other table set Total White and Radical Chic Collection, entirely made in Italy.


Assenzio - as Wormwood - is mostly used to treat stomach and gastrointestinal diseases, with antipyretic quality too.

Don't miss Assenzio Collection Line water glasses, platinum and gold coloured, to arrange an elegant and exclusive mise en place set table.

Try to combine with stem-glasses of Sandalo or Mirto Collection Lines and with table set included in Radical Chic Collection.


Biancospino - as Hawthorn - is known like the plant of heart, very useful for heartcare, being a powerful antioxidant against radical.

If you want a plain and classy refined mise en place set table, don't miss water glasses of this Collection Line, entirely made in Italy. Combine them with water glasses of Collection Lines Passiflora and Gelsomino, characterized by tone on tone colour, adding to table set of Minimal Inspiration Collection.  


BiancospinoGelsomino - as Jasmine flower - is very useful to calming down cough and respiratory diseases, also employed for its analgesic, and antispasmodic properties.

Don't miss the water glasses of this Collection Line, trying out to combine with water glasses included in Passiflora and Biancospino Collection set-Line, characterized by tone on tone colour, adding to table set of Minimal Inspiration Collection.


Karkadè is strongly red coloured, sour flavoured and it is well-known also as Hibiscus Tea, full of organic acidic that gives diuretic and antiseptic properties.

Commonly used for its antipyretic and antioxidant values in the treatment of fluo and coagulation blood problems.

If You want arrange an Oriental Style mise en place set table, don't miss water and wine glasses Karkadè Collection set-Line, into different red and dove-grey colours.

Try out to combine with set-Line table of Collection Line Berries, Dried Fruit or with Minimal Inspiration Collection.


Malva - as Mallow - presents soothing and laxative properties, sweet flavoured and very useful as a spice in the cooking of soup and broth.

Its flowers are full of nutrient compounds, using in cooking, home adornment and bodycare.

If you want a fully coloured mise en place set table don't miss water glasses of set-Line Malva, coloured in light-blue, green, violet, white, yellow and dove-grey colours.

Moreover, you can add these pieces with fantasy dishes of Pop Art Collection or with monochrome dishes included in Grains and Flours Line.


Melissa - as Lemon Balm - presents antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, full of essential oils. It is mostly used for the making of detox infusion and relaxing remedy in the treatment of insomnia.

Don't miss on your table Melissa pitcher, six coloured shaded in light-blue, green, violet, white, yellow and dove-grey tones, in two different sizes of half and one litre.

Combine this with glasses included in the set-Line Malva, with the same colours, adding the dishes of Jungle Safari Collection, or other Total White set-Line ones.


Mirto - as Myrtle - presents various properties such as anti-inflammatory, balsamic and astringent, employed in the treatment of gingivitis, cystitis and digestion system diseases.

Give an elegant and exclusive touch to your mise en place set table with water and wine glasses of Mirto Collection line, double coloured in the shades of black and brass.

To enrich your home style combine with Assenzio or Sambuco glasses set-Line and with the complete sets table included in Radical Chic Collection.


Passiflora - as Passion Flower - presents undisputed sedative and calming down anxiety properties.

For a well refined mise en place of your table don't miss water glasses Passiflora, entirely made in Italy.

For a best touch of glamour, try to combine with water glasses of Biancospino and Gelsomino set-Lines, or with other pieces included in the Minimal Inspiration Collection.


Sambuco - as Elder tree - is known for its various properties such as diuretic, laxative and antineuralgic ones. Commonly used as infusion, it could be employed also for dyeing or pure fluid.

If you look for an elegant and so classy mise en place table, the pieces of Sambuco set-Line will be your right choice, especially for water glasses, available in three different tonalities as dove-grey, white and red copper.

Don't forget to add the stem-glasses sampling and other set-Line pieces included in the Minimal Inspiration Collection.


Sandalo - as Sandalwood - is well-known for its therapeutic and deodorizing qualities, thanks to the essential oils that composed it, directly extracted from the wood cortex.

Since the ancient times, Sandalo fragrance is a symbol of good fortune, and especially in the Oriental cultures, it is recognized as a pushing-away evil spirit talisman.

Don't miss water and wine glasses included in this set-Line, to arrange a refined and elegant table, enjoying with two different platinum and gold tonalities.

Moreover, you can try out to add with other table sets pieces included in Assenzio, Sambuco and Radical Chic Collection.


Tiglio - as Tilia trees - is well-known since the ancient times as Aphrodite plant, for its female character. It is used also for its various properties such as calming-down respiratory problems or to restrain anxiety, anger, insomnia and irritability.

If you prefer a country touch for your table, don't miss this set-Line, with different water glasses, available in apple green, dove-grey and withe shades, adding them to other pieces included in the Jungle Safari Collection.