April-born are pride and valourous, ambitious and resilient in facing difficulties. Always strolling around, proactive and funny, their own colour is red.

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Gift suggestion for April-born

Those born in April are proud and valiant, ambitious and resilient. People always on the move active and lively their colour is red. When they engage in an activity they try hard, because they aspire to win and to arrive first. Support their commitment and determination with an object of the Vetiver Line, wishing them not to miss their dreams and pursue their goals with tenacity, or with the Pepe Line, which carries with it the meaning of perseverance. Susceptible, but also ready to ask forgiveness, their feelings are outbursts of passion, seduction, fires that light and ignite everything. Make them feel that you are the right person to confide in giving them an object of the Iris Line, which means just, trust me or with a sculpture included in the Platinum Line; be inspired by the object of energic Pop Art Collection, to be on its same mood.

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