August-born are funny and nice. Generous and loyal, their colour is yellow.

In every occasion, the perfect gift

Gift suggestions for August-born

Those born in August are expansive and cheerful people. Generous and loyal, their colour is yellow. They always think big, have strong personalities, and seek the admiration and consensus of others for the big projects they decide to achieve. Give them a gift with an object of their favourite colour, you can choose for example a vase or a centrepiece of the Cedro Line, or even the nice Stars Line to brighten up even the moment of breakfast. To live intensely they need energy and lightness at the same time. They are brave and noble, always looking for strong emotions, live intensely, and often in an adventurous way; indulge their desire for novelty with the nice creations of the Line Elemi and Petit, or with one of the subjects of the Collection Jungle Safari.

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