December-born are reasonable and introverted, but ambitious, well-setted and strongly charmed with a complicated personality, often look like distant. Their own favourite colour is grey.

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Gift suggestions for December-born

Those born in December rational and introverted, are also ambitious, well-organized and charismatic and have a strong but difficult personality, often looking cold and distant; their colour is grey. Strong in health, also because they scrupulously follow a healthy and well-being diet, you can meet their tastes by choosing one of the mise en place of the line Cereals and Flour or Seaweed, to remind them the beneficial power of these natural ingredients. Sometimes the thought of seahorses and corals are enough to imagine the sea in winter. For this reason, be inspired by the Sea Always Collection to fully exploit the therapeutic power of the sea even in winter, with the mise en place of the Fish and Shellfish Line or the Atlantico line.

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