Charming and seductive people.
Creative and original, their favourite colour is the dark-blue

In every occasion, the perfect gift

Gift suggestions for January born

The people born in January are people of great charisma and fascinating. Creative and original their colour is dark blue. For their stress and sleep disorders choose the mise en place Poppy with a sedative effect to remind them that well-being also passes through the table. Cosmopolitans, looking to the future and unconventional, are carried away by the fascination of international destinations; for this reason, be inspired by the Cities Line. Indulge their eclectic personality by preparing an aperitif with friends and be helped by a minimal mise en place with the Yin&yang Hors d'oeuvre Line, Pirophile and Table Centers. Do not forget to make them feel understood, be helped by the objects of the Elicriso Line or the Minimal Inspiration Collection.

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