March-born are romantic, dreamer and absolutely dedicated to love. Pure and lovely, their appropriate colour is turquoise.

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Gift suggestions for March-born

Those born in March, romantic and dreamers, give absolute priority to love. Pure and innocent people their colour is turquoise. Creative and imaginative, they have charisma, they are magnetic people, but at the same time calm and tolerant; they light up their living room with one of the lamps of the Platinum Line. Their main problem is that they somatize, and often their negative thoughts become real physical ills. For their well-being it is recommended the use of ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; remind them by giving them one of the many creations of the Jungle Safari Collection, from the mise en place of the Cereal Line or the Trees and Plants Line. Help them cope with stress with the therapeutic powers of special fruits: Star Fruit and Jack fruit that, thanks to their high fibres amount, are useful to restrain the dangerous effects of free radicals cells.

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