May- born are steady and meticulous, looking for a stable and strong relationship, They are smart and sensitive lovers, their favourite colour is green.

In every occasion, the perfect gift

Gift suggestions for May-born

Those born in May are constant and precise. Elegant and sensitive lovers believe in stable and lasting relationships and their colour is green. Surprise them with a sculpture of the Aloha Line, not a simple greeting, but a real explicit declaration of unconditional love, which allows the energy of feeling to flow from one person to another; or organize a Japanese style dinner, making you help from mise en place Wasabi, in two shades, turtledove and green. Satisfy their passion for art with a statue of the Stone Line or an object of the Akira Line, to renew the living room with an unmistakable touch, with one of the many subjects of the Minimal Inspiration Collection.

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