October-born are polished and well-balanced people, with a high sense of justness. Looking for the right balance, they prefer the pastel colours.

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Gift suggestions for October-born

October-born people are refined and balanced people with an innate sense of justice. Always in search of the right inner balance, they are inspired by pastel colours. Ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, they are elegant, seductive and refined lovers, and they constantly need to love and be loved. Comfort their need for love with one of the mermaids of the Dolls Line; each from the depths of the ocean carries a message of affection. Sometimes a getaway away can be a good idea; to choose the ideal destination, be inspired by the goblets of the Cities line, or even by one of the objects of the Bali line, the Oasi line, or even by one of the creations of the Sea Always Collection.

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