September-born are meticulous and precise, obsessively focused on. Tidy and meditative their favourite colour is grey.

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Gift suggestions for September-born

Those born in September are meticulous and punctual to the limit of obsession. People ordered and reflective, their colour is grey. Reserved and introverted individuals, ready and realistic, have a peaceful and meek disposition, and once the certainty of thought is reached, this becomes a beacon in the decisions to be taken in order to live serene. To satisfy their desire to fight the signs of time with a lifestyle inspired by well-being, choose a mise en place inspired by the therapeutic powers of plants, choosing for them glasses and stem-glasses such as Alloro and Artemisia. Dominated by Mercury, they consider art their way of travelling; you can surprise them with a simple gesture: choose for them glasses Abbraccio, la mise en place Roses, or one of the creations of the Radical Chic Collection.

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