The World of Villa Altachiara

If It is true that the kitchen is the heart of the house, the table is its most sincere beat. The well-being of mind and body go through a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, taking care of our spaces, especially when we are out of home, working on the same daily routine.

Villa Altachiara Collections are focused on a high-styled selection of items and decorations conceived to make you comfortable, starting from the meaning-name of our products and Collections themes. These Collections are dedicated to colours, fragrancesingredients and the well-being vibrations, starting a new journey to discover the therapeutic powers of food, elements and everything we surround.


Our precious Collections of dishes, glasses, centrepieces, vases, lamps and home items are not just useful for daily routine but to recreate a warm and enveloping atmosphere in your own house. Definitely, the Villa Altachiara style and Collections are produced to give you something special, focused on peace and serenity.